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I put my whole heart into everything I do, and my photography business is no different. I love to experiment, learn and take on challenges to better my craft. This business is built with a passion base, and that is really the core of what I offer.

I like to think outside of the box. To push my own boundaries and keep creative. Pushing creativity into every shoot I take on. Problem solving. Creating unique work that will stand out.


I fell in love with photography for the reason that I get to meet people I’ve never met and tell their story through a creative medium that will last forever. My photography career started when I was 15, I landed an internship at The Courier Mail which allowed me to take off like a rocket, after a year I was shooting professionally as I was mentored by some of the best photographers in Australia.
While working working as photojournalist, I got to photograph some well known people like The Pope, Roger Federer, A Prime Minister ( Keving R. ), Serena Williams and many ( many ! ) more, which lead me to start having a clear vision on where I wanted to take my photography
I wanted to take my story telling tool ( my camera ) and meet people I’ve never heard or met before, my curiosity drove me to places I’ve never thought to explore, from rural Queensland to South Africa I met people with amazing stories.



Watch my video to hear more about my story and my business!


Check me out shooting a Charlie Pickering


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